In times such as these, education which has a liberating and empowering influence, is more important than ever and provides future generations with the opportunity to prosper, to bring about a better world, and to do so from a peace loving, tolerant perspective. We appreciate all donations of whatever size since they all help to make a difference.

Ways to support Brummana High School

Endowment Fund

The Brummana High School “I Serve” Endowment Fund was launched during the schools 150th anniversary, in 2023. Whatever you give to it will remain in capital form in perpetuity and generate interest to provide financial aid for those children whose parents could not otherwise have their children educated at the school.


As well as working towards an endowment fund large enough to provide bursaries for all students who need help in future, Brummana High School does its best to support families in greatest need now.


To help current students stay at Brummana High School when their family circumstances have hit hard times, choose this option.

Botanic Garden Project

This project is creating a unique collection of native Lebanese species throughout the school campus, together with several educational gardens, themed plant trails, and miniature biomes. The aims are to highlight the natural beauty of plants, promote their ecological importance, and provide immersive opportunities to inspire students and school visitors to engage with and learn directly from nature.

General Funds

Brummana High School needs funds for a very wide variety of purposes.

Choose this option to support the school and let school leaders decide how your donation is spent.

Ramallah Friends School (RFS)

Friends United Meeting in the United States have primary responsibility for RFS, while the Quaker International Educational Trust (QuIET) in the UK has responsibility for Brummana High School. UK and US Friends have an arrangement that enables donations collected in the UK for RFS, to be transferred annually, following an appeal.   
To donate to RFS please respond to the annual appeal that you’ll find here in December or contact us via the contact form.